Maximizing your Emotional Intelligence

Days: 1 session
Price: $745

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As the pace of change continues to accelerate and the business environment becomes more complex and uncertain, leaders frequently find themselves under pressure to make critical decisions often with little information and time - and to produce results. The way you react in these difficult situations has a direct impact on your team, relationships with colleagues and business performance.

To increase success, you must improve your awareness of your natural tendencies and identify strategies to manage your emotions and reactions to consistently produce more positive outcomes.

Course Agenda


  • EI, EQ, and IQ
  • EQ-i 2.0 Model of Emotional Intelligence

1. Understanding Your EQ-i Profile

  • Leadership Potential
  • Leadership Derailers
  • Subscales and Balancing Your EI
  • Well-Being Indicator

2. Developing Your EI

  • Emotions and the Human Brain
  • Responding vs. Reacting

3. Course Summary


Perform Phase

  • Suggested Activities
  • Meeting with Your Leader - Agenda