Upcoming Training

  • Avaya Communication Server 1000 Familiarization Release 7.x 200
    03/30/2017 - 03/31/2017

    This foundation-level course is the starting point for Communication Server 1000 (CS 1000) training and is designed for anyone new to the CS 1000 platform or for those requiring refresher training. Through presentations and interactive practices, you will learn the basics of system software and hardware architecture, the recommended programming hierarchy, commonly used features and services, technical documentation, and other resources to help you on the job.

  • Dell SonicWALL Network Security Basic Administration NS-102
    03/30/2017 - 03/31/2017

    This course provides you with the background, knowledge, and hands-on experience to begin designing, implementing, and troubleshooting SonicWALL security appliances running SonicOS firmware. Attend this course, and receive one Dell® SonicWALL® SOHO security appliance and a one-year Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite license.

    This technical training covers configuration and deployment of the SonicOS firmware. You will become familiar with a wide spectrum of SonicWALL's innovative feature set, such as Unified Threat Management (UTM), Single Sign On, VPN, SSL VPN, and Content Filtering Service. As you examine the wide array of security features SonicOS has to offer, you will learn validation of settings and troubleshooting techniques using the SonicWALL diagnostic tools. Formative evaluations (knowledge checks and hands-on exercises) are incorporated throughout this course to test new skill sets.

    To attend this course, prerequisite skills and knowledge are required, including completing three e-Learning courses prior to beginning this class. Information from these e-Learning modules is included on the certification exam. The prerequisite training is available from SonicWALL at https://support.software.dell.com/sonicwall-nsa-series/training/100/dell-sonicwall-network-security-basic-administration-cssa-level-course-instructor-led-training and includes:

    Network Security Technology Overview e-Learning (~ 4 hours)

    For those new to network security, this optional online course provides an introduction to the key concepts and fundamentals of network security. While this course is not mandatory, it is strongly suggested.

    Network Security Essentials e-Learning (~6 hours)

    This online course will provide you with critical foundational information concerning firewall technology, security risks and remediation, and network security design and implementation considerations. Additionally, you will learn how to configure and implement SonicWALL firewall appliances and extend the firewall's capability using rules, security applications, and other network specific functions and troubleshooting techniques. You will practice key activities through online simulations.

  • Dell SonicWALL Network Security Advanced Administration
    03/30/2017 - 03/31/2017
    Global Knowledge Training Center ,NC

    In this course, you will build on the skills learned in Dell SonicWALL Network Security Basic Administration. You will learn the latest information on application control, bandwidth management, troubleshooting, and advanced networking. This course is designed to teach you to utilize the advanced features of SonicWall Unified Threat Management (UTM) products. Through hands-on labs you will configure and test UTM features not covered in the Basic Administration course.

    The CSSP certification exam for SonicOS is not a part of the class, but you will have access to it online via your personal MySonicWALL account.

    Attend this course and receive one Dell® SonicWALL® TZ300W network security appliance and a one-year Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite license.

    To attend this course, prerequisite skills and knowledge are required, including completing three e-learning courses prior to beginning this class. Information from these e-learning modules is included on the certification exam. The prerequisite training is available from SonicWALL at:

    https://support.software.dell.com/sonicwall-nsa-series/training/106/dell-sonicwall-network-security-advanced-administration-cssp-level-course- and includes:

    • Network Security Technology Overview (~4 hrs online course): For students new to network security, Dell SonicWALL offers the Network Security Overview course. While this course is not a prerequisite course, it is strongly suggested.
    • Advanced Networking and Security with SonicOS (~ 8 hrs online course): This eight-module online training was designed by industry leading networking experts to utilize advanced features of Dell's Network Security products. Most modules consist of three parts:
      • A lecture portion that deals with the theory involved with a specific subject.
      • A demonstration on how to configure the feature using SonicOS.
      • An end-of-module quiz preparing you for taking the comprehensive end-of course quiz.
  • IBM Cognos Report Studio: Author Professional Reports Advanced (v10.2.2) B5A59G
    03/30/2017 - 03/31/2017
    Global Knowledge Training Center New York ,NY

    This course builds on topics learned in the Fundamentals course, the Advanced course is designed for professional report authors to learn advanced report building techniques using mostly relational data models, and ways of enhancing, customizing, and managing professional reports. Attendees will participate in interactive demos and workshops that illustrate key concepts while learning how to use the product.

  • IBM Security QRadar SIEM Foundations BQ102G
    03/30/2017 - 03/31/2017

    QRadar SIEM provides deep visibility into network, user, and application activity. It provides collection, normalization, correlation, and secure storage of events, flows, assets, and vulnerabilities. Suspected attacks and policy breaches are highlighted as offenses. In this course, you learn to navigate the user interface and how to investigate offenses. You search and analyze the information from which QRadar SIEM concluded a suspicious activity. Hands-on exercises reinforce the skills learned.

  • AMA2010 Leadership Development for Women
    03/30/2017 - 03/31/2017
    AMA Conference Center ,DC

    Despite years of advances in both legal and corporate policy, many qualified women don't get the jobs they want. Misperceptions, stereotypes, and misplaced emotions on the part of either sex can still sabotage a woman's career hopes-unless she takes a more strategic approach to her career.

    In this hands-on course, you learn how to strategically use your strengths and abilities (your competitive edge) while mastering your emotions, even in the most unwelcoming atmosphere. You'll learn how to build a network of support, take smart risks, and view competition in a more positive light. Discover how to conduct yourself in a manner that earns you respect, and pursue your goals with positive energy. You will return to your job feeling confident, ready to compete fearlessly, and in a better position to be recognized for your true capabilities.

  • AMA2121 Business Grammar Workshop
    03/30/2017 - 03/31/2017
    AMA New York ,NY

    Professionals who can write clearly and correctly are far more valuable to an organization than those whose business writing is filled with errors. Whether you need to refresh your knowledge of grammar and punctuation or know what's grammatically correct but can't always explain why, this highly interactive and collaborative seminar is the perfect and painless solution. You'll learn the standard rules for proper usage and grammar, and work with your classmates to apply what you've learned in hands-on exercises and activities. You'll return to your job with greater confidence and ability when writing any types of business correspondence.

  • AWS Certification Exam Readiness Workshop: AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
    03/30/2017 - 03/30/2017

    Designed to complement Architecting on AWS, this half-day workshop is ideal for individuals who are preparing for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate exam. In this workshop, you will learn what to expect at the testing center and while taking the exam. We walk you through how the exam is structured, including question formats, content domains, and the breakdown of questions across those domains. You will also learn how to interpret the concepts being tested by a question so that you can better eliminate incorrect responses. During the workshop, you will have the chance to apply knowledge and test concepts through a series of practice exam questions.

  • AMA2132 Taking on Greater Responsibility: Step-up Skills for Non Managers
    03/30/2017 - 03/31/2017
    Crowne Plaza North Dallas ,TX

    Do you have what it takes to step up to the plate to lead, work in teams, and juggle new assignments with your current responsibilities? What about having a "can-do" attitude that prepares you for additional growth?
    Acquire new skills and prepare to make a positive difference at work. In this seminar, you will lay the foundation to achieve good performance now and integrate additional skills to exceed present role expectations. You will develop a customized approach to think strategically, to solve problems, and to make sound decisions so you can adapt to change and grab new opportunities.

    How You Will Benefit

    • Feel confident when asked to "step up to the plate" with new projects outside your regular work activities
    • Take your skills and potential to new heights with proven-in-action, get-ahead career development strategies
    • Understand your role in today's new workplace, and gain the new skills and competencies required for success
    • Meet the rising pressure of tight budgets and lean organizations
    • Map out a plan of action to enhance your efficiency and career development potential
  • AMA2536: Preparing for Leadership: What it Takes to Take the Lead
    03/30/2017 - 03/31/2017
    AMA San Francisco Center ,CA

    This course is designed to help leaders-to-be get ready for new challenges and responsibilities. You'll discover the heart and mind of true leadership through self-assessments and other leadership scenarios. You will explore roles as strategist, change agent, coach, manager, communicator, mentor, and team member. You will learn to develop your unique leadership style for maximum impact.