Audio Visual (AV)/Video Teleconferencing (VTC)

Audio Visual (AV)/Video Teleconferencing (VTC) are technologies that enable two or more locations to communicate in audio and visuals simultaneously. These conferences are typically referred to as ‘visual collaborations’.

As the competition between different industries continues to grow, organizations search for ways to reduce their expenses and costs. Companies that are situated in multiple locations need to frequently communicate. It is known that eye contact in a conversation can make a significant impact. Therefore, telephonic communications are futile at occasions. In times like these, employees have to travel to different cities and countries. The travel and accommodation costs could significantly add to the company’s expenses.

Although video conferencing is available using a variety of software over the internet, there are chances of interruption, delays, deteriorating quality, etc. To offer an optimal solution, Storsoft Technology Corporation presents businesses and government agencies with Audio, Video, IPTV and Video Teleconferencing facilities that are excellent for distant communications.

Our customers have the options to choose either a dedicated system or to install add-ons on their existing systems. Video Teleconferencing has endless benefits, some of which include:

Expense Reduction

As mentioned above, when business associates travel for work purposes, it is the company that endures the traveling and accommodation costs. Video teleconferencing eliminates the need to travel and enables people to communicate with their global associates effectively. A real time audio and video enables employees to be frequently aware of the company’s processes throughout different cities and countries. The installation of a VTC system is a onetime expense which requires limited maintenance.


AV/VTC enables a group of people to interact simultaneously. For people working in groups from different locations, telephonic communications and emails can significantly reduce the productivity as there is a lot of lag involved.


In recruitment processes, when a suitable candidate is out of town, it is inconvenient for the business as well as the candidate to call him/her to a different city for an interview. Instead of the human resource representative traveling or the candidate traveling, one could conduct an interview over VTC. The other factors that add to its convenience are trainings and presentations. A business’s top level executive could conduct trainings and presentations without even feeling the need to step out of the office. Not only does it save time for everyone, if offers a way to avoid anything to go unnoticed.

There are numerous other benefits of Video Teleconferencing ranging from personal to environmental factors. Storsoft Technology Corporation is always present at the behest of organizations wanting to benefit from AV/VTC.