IBM Security AppScan Standard Fundamentals TK401G

Days: 2 day
Price: $1595

Course Details

This course is designed to give a basic proficiency in the use of AppScan Standard to scan web sites for vulnerabilities.

Course Agenda

  1. AppScanStandard Overview
  2. Installation and setup
  3. Maximizing your installation
  4. Configuring a scan
  5. Running a scan
  6. Reviewing the results
  7. Creating reports and exporting data
  8. Scanning Web 2.0 applications
  9. Logging in and managing sessions
  10. Glass box and malware scanning
  11. Content-based scanning
  12. Optimizing your scan
  13. Scanning web services
  14. Extending AppScan Standard
  15. Troubleshooting AppScan