IBM Security Network Protection Administration and Configuration

Days: 3 day
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Course Details

IBM Security Network Prevention is a next-generation intrusion prevention system. In this course, you will learn about the processes, procedures, and practices necessary to configure the Network Protection (XGS) appliance to protect your network. You will discover how to configure the appliance, configure management and protection policies, and block a variety of common attacks.

Course Agenda

1. Introduction To IBM Security Network Protection
2. Setting Up The Appliance
3. Managing The Appliance
4. Configuring The Network Access Policy
5. Configuring The Intrusion Prevention Policy
6. Using Alerts And Events
7. Tuning Network Access Policy Rules And Intrusion Prevention Behavior
8. Capturing Network Traffic
9. Controlling User Access
10. Inspecting SSL-Encrypted Traffic
11. Implementing SNORT Rules
12. Configuring Advanced Threat Protection
13. Integrating With Qradar SIEM
14. Monitoring Event Data