Linux on Power Performance LX52G

Days: 3 day
Price: $2895

Course Details

Learn advanced skills to measure, analyze, and tune Linux subsystems for optimal performance on IBM POWER7 Systems. Focus on the features that relate to performance of POWER7 systems. Focus on the features that relate to performance of the POWER7 processor, Linux kernel, and the special monitoring, configuring, and tuning needs of virtual servers. This course does not cover application monitoring and tuning.

Learn the latest Linux performance analysis and tuning tools and options, and take advantage of the new micro-partitioning and virtual features of the POWER7 server. Learn which tools to use, when, and how they have been enhanced for the latest POWER7 technology. These skills are invaluable to individuals responsible for the performance of a POWER7 server.

Reinforce each lecture with hands-on lab exercises to gain practical experience applicable to your performance management requirements.

Course Agenda

Day 1

  • Welcome
  • Unit 1 - Performance objectives
    • Exercise 1 - Linux performance monitoring
  • Unit 2 - PowerVM and IBM Advance Toolchain for Power Systems Running Linux
    • Exercise 2 - Power virtualization

Day 2

  •      Exercise 2 - Power virtualization (continued)
  • Unit 3 - Power processor operations
    • Exercise 3 - Focus on processor
  • Unit 4 - Power memory management

Day 3

  • Unit 4 - Power memory management (continued)
    • Exercise 4 - Focus on memory
  • Unit 5 - Power I/O
    • Exercise 5 - Focus on I/O
  • Unit 6 - Power networking
    • Exercise 6 - Focus on networking