Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite Participant Modeling and User Security 6F02G

Days: 2 day
Price: $1595

Course Details

This 2-day instructor-led course provides you with an understanding of the configurations that are required to map all participants in a supply chain to the corresponding roles in Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite. This course is primarily designed for Hub and Enterprise administrators.

This course begins with an overview of Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite and a brief introduction of its business models. The course then describes how to define Participants and create Organizations and users. Through a combination of procedural information and exercises, you learn about topics such as how to assign attributes to the different roles defined in Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite and configure user access policies.

Course Agenda

  • Course Overview
  • Unit 1: Overview of Application Platform
  • Lesson 1.1 Introduction of Application Platform
  • Exercise 1. Navigate to Application Platform
  • Unit 2: Configuring Organizations
  • Lesson 2.1  Defining Participants and Roles
  • Lesson 2.2  Creating Organizations
  • Exercise 2.2.1  Create Child Organizations and Department
  • Lesson 2.3  Assigning Attributes to Roles
  • Unit 3: Creating Users and Configuring Access Policies
  • Lesson 3.1  Prerequisites for User Creation
  • Exercise 3.1.1 Create a User Group and Team
  • Lesson 3.2  Configuring Users and Access Policies
  • Exercise 3.2.1  Create a User
  • Unit 4: Case Study
  • Lesson 4.1. Case Study
  • Course Wrap Up