TCP/IP High Availability Solutions for z/OS NW75G

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Providing high availability for z/OS relies upon the use of load balancing and fault tolerant (or backup) options. Review the connectivity, routing, and rebalance workload issues that may arise to establish the need for some of the solutions.

Discuss and examine selected high availability solution components that are available with z/OS. Become aware of the various solutions that can be implemented. This course is not intended to provide customization detail for every solution, however, some detail is discussed.

Explore solutions dealing with high availability issues, including a network interface failure, an outbound router goes down, and moving an application from one system to another. Review solutions that support concepts of high availability across each type of system configuration for the following three key considerations:

  • Availability and fault tolerance
  • Load balancing
  • Routing backup

Installations that have implemented TCP/IP on z/OS systems would like to provide a higher availability access to the systems' applications. You need to be aware of various scenarios for higher availability so you may evaluate appropriate solutions for your particular need and to be able to define the steps to implement the solutions.

z/OS systems have developed over the years in terms of their support for TCP/IP communications. These systems generally have a very high level of processing power that most installations would like to access on demand. This requires the implementation of solutions that provide high availability for z/OS

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