Virtualizing Linux on Power with PowerKVM LX53G

Days: 2 day
Price: $1995

Course Details

This course covers the IBM PowerKVM product running on the IBM Power Systems S812L and S822L Linux-only servers. The course covers how to install and configure PowerKVM, and how to use it to create and manage Virtual Machine (VM) guests running the Linux operating system. The course covers the different interfaces that can be used to create and manage Linux VMs, including the virsh command line interface and the kimchi graphical interface.

This course uses a combination of instructor lectures and machine exercises to provide the student with practical background knowledge regarding the topics covered.

Course Agenda

Day 1

  • Welcome
  • Unit 1: PowerKVM Overview
  • Exercise 1: System preparation
  • Unit 2: Installing PowerKVM
  • Exercise 2: Installing PowerKVM host
  • Unit 3: Managing guest VM's using Kimchi

Day 2

  • Exercise 3: Managing PowerKVM using GUI
  • Unit 4: Managing VM's using CLI
  • Exercise 4: Managing PowerKVM using CLI
  • Unit 5: Managing the PowerKVM host
  • Exercise 5: General administrative functions