General Services

Storsoft Technology Corporation’s ambition has been to be able to provide end-to-end computer infrastructure products with all the necessary services on time and at an economical rate. We take pride in the fact that in our years of experience, we have exceeded our customers’ expectations.

Storsoft Technology has helped numerous organizations to plan, optimize, and manage network infrastructures. No matter, how small or complex the company’s requirements are, we help them to enhance their business.

We offer a variety of specialized services. However, there are also various general network services that we provide.

Consultation and Implementation

There are numerous organizations which have all the network resources available but they do not work at their full efficiency. In situations like these, companies lose out on their margin of profits. Storsoft Technology designs and engineers efficient services that augment the network performance and reduce costs. We have some of the best network migration and implementation skills to help our customers.

Management and Monitoring

Our customer services put in their best efforts to support our customers at all times and places. Storsoft Technology offers a 24/7 network monitoring system to avoid any breakdowns or delays in assistance. In addition to monitoring, our customer network control center also helps our customers to outsource the management of their networks to us. However, they can always make the desired changes as these management and monitoring systems are shared.

Total Networking Solution

From network assessment, to its plan, design, engineering, implementation, management, and monitoring, we completely analyze the networking environment desired by our customers’ businesses and provide them with the opportunity to focus on other important business factors, and forget about the technical complications.

Field Service Management

Once we have sold products to our customers, they can rely on us for after sales support and assistance. A number of products require maintenance, software, or hardware upgrades. To provide convenience to our customers, our engineers and technicians are always present for any maintenance, upgrades, or management required in the life cycle of the equipment.

Global Shipping

Although Storsoft Technology Corporation is based in the United States, our services are offered in more than 60 countries throughout America, Europe and Asia.

The following are the professional services offered by Storsoft Technology that contribute to their reputation:
  • Project Management
  • Project Administration
  • Software Engineering
  • Configuration Analysis
  • Database Analysis
  • Database Programming
  • HTML development
  • Web Design
  • Graphics Design
  • Technical Writing
  • Quality Control Analysis
  • Process Engineering
  • Design of System Architecture
  • System Engineering
  • System Administration