With the revolution in Information Technology, every organization has become completely dependent on computer infrastructure. They may all have their own requirements and specifications and to fulfill these demands, Storsoft Technology Corporation provides a wide array of hardware and corresponding configurations.

Whether it’s a graphic design agency, an advertisement company, marketing firm, or a software development company, Storsoft has the optimum solution for all. Some companies require data centers where they can store all of the IT information and documents. Some require excessive processor usage, while others require complex network structures.

Storsoft Technology has partnered with some of the primary hardware manufacturers to provide its customers efficiency and convenience. From desktop computers, network servers, and storage devices to laptops and heavy duty printers, we have it all.

Hardware may be required in other uses such as communication systems, backup purposes, etc. Storsoft Technology discourages organizations from spending a huge amount on hardware without proper planning.

Our engineers and technicians can perform a thorough analysis of all the services that a company might need, and then suggest the necessary hardware, so that all the components are of optimal quality and are used at their full efficiencies.

Storsoft Technology has over 500,000 products from a variety of vendors, which are spread across 12 distribution locations. We ensure that the products are shipped out on the day of the order, so they could be received by the customer on the very next day. We have an ISO 9000 certified Integration Center which has a capacity of over 29,000 configured systems in a month.

From basic desktops to complex multi-rack servers, we have the ability and expertise to efficiently configure one or a number of systems in compliance. If a business is looking for off the shelf hardware solutions, we also offer storage area networks, network attached storage, document imaging solutions, multimedia solutions, etc.

Some of our leading partners include:

  • Dell
  • IBM
  • Intel
  • Hewlett Packard (HP)
  • Microsoft
  • EMC